Trading Update

Opening hours

We are open Monday to Friday 8-5pm until further notice we are closed at the weekends. Under Current Government Guidelines the wholesale nursery and the Cash and Carry are open – for now. We are stocking up as normal to be ready for a busy spring.

Supply and Demand

We are managing supply and demand for now but if the last 12 months is anything to go by there may be shortages – there are already shortages with some items e.g. fruit trees. If the sun shines, and the vaccine roll out goes according to plan – we are anticipating good demand.

We have done everything we can to minimise cost, time delays, vat issues – following the new plant health and customs import processes.  We import less that 15% of our stock but its an important 15%. We will keep you posted. First deliveries are in.


Some good news! We have submitted plans to quadruple the size of the nursery this year. Starting to introduce our own lines and a more flexible supply. New computer system and new web site this month too. We will have a stock manager and we will have a new face in the nursery too. Exciting times ahead.