Meet the team


Managing Director: Stan Green

Stan left university with a degree in Agriculture and was immediately employed in horticulture; behind the scenes at BBC Scotland’s “Beechgrove Garden”. Stan is therefore fortunate to have continued good links with TV as his wife also worked with the production team at The Beechgrove Garden.

He is pleased to have initiated and helped lead the project to create Scotland’s National Garden (The Calyx) alongside Sir Andrew Cubie and with his friend and colleague Jim McColl CBE.

He established Growforth in 1990 after a spell as a nursery manager following university. From 2013 – 2015 he was President of the Horticultural Trades Association’s and Chairman of the Board (UK). The HTA has 1800 members throughout the UK including businesses as diverse as High Street Chain retailers to one-man landscape businesses.

Stan has always been active and interested in the horticultural industry, and over time has had dealings with most bodies acting with or within horticulture including Government bodies, government (UK and Scottish) ministers, schools and higher education bodies as well as charities and NGO’s. Some of his industry involvement reflects his interest in sustainability as a long-standing committee member of both “Garden for Life” and “Green Business Fife”. Stan still enjoys representing horticulture at Holyrood and Westminster. He received the The Royal Caledonian Horticulture Societies “Silver Medal” for services to Horticulture in 2017.



Administration and Accounts: Maria Forrest

Maria is central to the business and has been since 1992. She manages accounts, admin and certain product groups e.g. Trees and Christmas Trees. Maria is the owner of Ebony the black lab, she’s either sleeping or being a starving layabout… even licking the bin lorry!!! (the lab not Maria)

Maria and Ebony

Nursery: Colin Bird

Colin joined us from the fire service and latterly retail horticulture. He was always a keen gardener, before he finally saw the light and started working in the industry. Colin is the man in the nursery and works with the seasonal staff looking after the stock and getting orders together.


Nursery and Driving: James Russel

James is another long-standing employee. Jim has extensive nursery experience but now spends most of his time on the road delivering our stock throughout Scotland.

Nursery and Cash and Carry Support: Fiona Ross

Fiona is the go-to person in the Cask and Carry. She has extensive plant knowledge and looks after the front area and procurement of all things non-plant (Composts and decorative containers). Fiona also looks after our “young plant” customers and planted containers. 


Nursery and Cash and Carry Support: Laura Rutherford

Laura is our resource specialist – when it comes to rubbish Laura’s the person! She also fronts up the Cash and Carry with Fiona.


Delivery guide 2 week cycle (weather dependant):

Minimum delivery is one Danish trolley

Week 1





Edinburgh and Central




Dundee & Angus


Inverness & N West Highlands

Fife and Central

Week 2


Oban and West


Edinburgh and Central

South West and Central




Borders and Newcastle

Fife and Central

We also work with other hauliers so if you need deliveries outside these days we can make arrangements.

3rd Party Deliveries: We also deliver on behalf of other nurseries.


Do you have a catalogue I can look at?

No, sorry. We stopped producing a glossy catalogue a few years ago as nobody referred to it – and it was out of date the minute it is printed. All of our printed material is available to download from the web site or we can print what you are interested in and send it to you. We have access to 50,000 stock items so, if you have any requirements, we are happy to quote.  Lists via web site

Are you plants locally grown?

We obtain as much as we can as locally as we can. Matching quality expectations with local conditions. There are some amazing producers locally, but our climate is limiting so we do get 10% of our stock from outside the UK.

Do I have to buy large quantities?

No There is no minimum order for Cash and Carry but deliveries are charged unless you buy 1 trolley. If less than1 trolley (approx. £300) there may be a charge of up to £35.00

Can I, as a landscaper, send my customers to buy plants?

Yes, but we can’t give them your prices or any specific advice or access to anywhere other than the retail area – much better you come with them or you come on their behalf.

What is the minimum order (for free delivery)?

Deliveries are charged unless you buy 1 trolley. If less than1 trolley (approx. £300) there may be a charge of up to £35.00

Do you deliver throughout the UK?

Not regularly but we can arrange pallet deliveries of larger material

What is your plant Health Policy?

We have an extensive plant health policy available by return if you email

What does “Trade customers” mean?

To apply for an online registration, you have to be in a business as a Landscaper, Garden designer, Landscape Architect, Builder, Developers, Local Authority, Government body or Garden Centre/ retailer.  It is discretionary to Growforth how trade is further defined.

Proof of business may be required: – headed paper or business card and utility bill.

What does “Wholesale Customer” mean?

As above with a credit account.