Bare-Root Hedging, Ornamental and Fruit Trees


Winter is here and now is the time to be thinking about bare-root hedging orders for planting between November and March.

Also we have a large selection of ornamental and fruit trees available and now is an excellent time of year to be planting as long as the ground is not frozen or waterlogged. Make sure they are staked to prevent any damage while it gets established.

We have a large selection of Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias in stock full of bud for the Spring.

Also large stocks of Cherry Laurel and Leylandii for your hedging requirements in various sizes depending on the budget.

Landscape List

Have you had a look at our Landscape List (available in “SHOP”), we currently have over 62,000 plants to choose from for all your garden design needs.  Order from this list and the stock usually arrives with us 7-10 days later.

No delivery surcharges
Please note that we have decided not to introduce delivery surcharges for now…. but we would ask that you consider the order size, which is critical. It would be appreciated if orders could be £400 + Vat or over. We are doing what we can to absorb the significant increases in fuel prices (and everything else), however we will be keeping this under review.

If you’ve not already registered with us then you can do here. By registering you will get access to our stock list and full landscaper list.