February update

What an open winter so far – but let’s not kid ourselves. Remember the “Beast from the East”?  – that was in March! There is still a lot that winter can throw at us but there are still plenty of things we can do with the milder start to the year. Get some of the hardy stock in. We have a good selection of some of that “hard to get stock” coming in throughout February including roses and trees plus the usual fair. All will be coming up on the Grapevine. We will be firing on all cylinders by the end of Feb. That’s an expression that won’t mean anything to the next generation!

Talking of sustainability – remember all of our pack bedding is in “PET” packs – these are kerbside recyclable, and the plants in them are grown in peat reduced compost.   The carry pack are all Scottish grown too. A bit more about peat, peat reduced and peat free in my next bulletin.

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